“Dr. Cheryl Russo is exactly what Charlotte families need — a fearless conservative who will stand up and fight. I’m excited to endorse her because I know she has the life experience to make a difference and the tenacity to win. Charlotte needs a strong voice at the table in Raleigh, someone who won’t back down. There’s no one better than Dr. Cheryl Russo.”

Congressman Dan Bishop

Support Traditional Learning - Eliminate “Woke” Ideology From Our Schools

No More Mandates, Let Individuals Decide

Pro-Life, Pro-Family

Pro-Law Enforcement

Encourage Good Paying Jobs by Cutting Taxes and Regulations

Charlotte needs a seat at the table in Raleigh, and that means we need a conservative who’s tough enough to win. Dr. Cheryl Russo won’t back down to anyone, from either political party. We’ve had enough with career politicians. It’s time to send a political outsider to take the fight to Raleigh insiders. And win!

Dr. Cheryl Russo