Protect Family Budgets.

As a wife and mother, Cheryl understands the impact high gas prices and inflation can have on a family’s budget. She’ll fight for lower taxes for all of us and keep government out of the way, so small businesses and Charlotte job providers can grow stronger.

Keep Our Schools Safe & Open.

Dr. Russo knows the failed leadership during COVID left our children even further behind their peers. Named Charlotte Magazine’s “Top Doctor,” Cheryl will ensure every child attends a safe school that teaches real-world skills like reading, writing, math, and science. Because each child is unique and learns differently, she supports Opportunity Scholarships to empower parents with the choice of a school which maximizes their child’s skills and best prepares them for a fulfilling career. And she’ll fight for more resources to reach the classroom, starting with better teacher pay.

Put the People Back in Charge - No More Career Politicians.

As a cardiologist, Cheryl treated her patients as “the most important person in the world to somebody.” She’ll take the same approach in Raleigh and stand up to the politicians who put political careers and personal agendas ahead of the bottom-line for families.